RefMan8 and Windows NT

John Mihic jmihic at wfubmc.nospam.edu
Thu Nov 12 10:14:57 EST 1998

In article <199811042125.NAA123616 at uvaix7e1.comp.UVic.CA>, jdboer at UVIC.CA 
>I am trying to run Reference Manager version 8.01 under Windows NT. The
>program will open, but when I try to open a database file, the program will
>hang. This does not happen under Win95. Has anyone had this same
>experience? Is there a solution to this problem?

For what little it's worth - I'm running a networked version of RefMan 7 under 
NT 4.0 sp4, and it works just fine. I doubt that your problem is a general 
inability of NT to run RefMan - maybe something screwy about Refman 8.  I 
wouldn't be surprised.  WordPerfect 6 was working fine for me under NT 4 and I 
updated to WordPerfect 8 to stay in synch with the rest of the department.  Big 
mistake - the damn thing now craps out on me daily.  Maybe the same is true of 
RefMan 8.  I'd call up RIS and get on their case if I were you.  


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