Netscape Navigator update problem

SideshowBob kyhui at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed Nov 11 09:38:06 EST 1998

Try cutting and pasting the folder in Windows Explorer or Filemanager.

crosley at tcp.co.uk wrote in message ...
>     911/Nov/98
>     Can anyone help with the following browser problem?
>     I uninstalled Netscape Navigator with Cleen Sweep, first
>     saving bookmarks by putting 'Users' on the desk top as
>     instructed.
>     I downloaded and installed version 4.07 but cannot
>     reinstall the 'Users' folder.
>     The programs appear to be in a 'Username' folder in a
>     'Users' folder in the desktop folder and not in a
>     'Netscape' folder. How do I reinstall my bookmarks?
>      Netscape's web site is too complex to find tyhis
>      sort of help. Thanks in anticipation, John Shaw

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