Weaknesses of Microsoft.

Marco Hoeksma m.r.hoeksma at pharm.uu.nl
Tue Nov 10 03:29:00 EST 1998

1). Their constant 'infiltration' in all kinds of areas (msnbc, webtv

2). Their buggy code, and the lack of openness thereof.

3). Their aggressive commercialism
(http://www.opensource.org/halloween1.html for example).

4). Their focus on 'fun' and not on 'work' (i.e., they produce things
like 'active desktop', and never seem to realize that this is a stupid
idea in the first place).

5). Their incapability of humouring the consumer, which also produces
'microsoft bashing' when this is not correct.

6). Their development of new 'standards' only to develop a state in
which the consumer has no alternative but to use microsoft (again:
This is just from a user point of view. There must be more.......

Luis R Viteri wrote:
> Who can list 5 weaknesses of Microsoft?
> --LRV--

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