Weaknesses of Microsoft.

John Mihic jmihic at wfubmc.nospam.edu
Tue Nov 10 10:16:56 EST 1998

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lviteri at osf1.gmu.edu says...
>Who can list 5 weaknesses of Microsoft?

I only have time for one at the moment, but it's a biggie.

The guy running the company is a dweeb, and judging from what I've heard about 
his attempts to crush competition in the computer industry, a pushy dweeb to 


Seriously, I think their products, and those of most other software companies, 
are now bloated beyond belief.  I used to run Wordstar on a 64K apple, and it 
did the job just fine.  Now you have 20 Mb packages that do essentially the 
same thing (plus they have annoying paper clips, happy faces and Albert 
Einsteins popping up to give unwanted advice and eat RAM and disk space).  
Garbage code expands to fill empty disk space and RAM.

I've been using NT 4.0 with sp 4.0 for a while now and must say that I'm pretty 
disappointed at how it seems to lose track of Mb of memory that applications 
free up when they close.  To keep things moving at a respectable pace, I 
usually re-boot at least twice a day.  That's not something I'd expect from a 
state-of-the-art operating system made by the biggest software manufacturer in 
the world.  No wonder they're worried about Linux!


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