FASTA format - No funny characters!!

Ledwith, John John.Ledwith at CADUS.COM
Fri Nov 6 10:32:03 EST 1998

Thank you, François.  But lets say I want to set $/ (the input record
separator) to ">".  (Baba) O'Reilly says that you can set it to a
multi-character string, but "^>", "\n>", even "\s>", isnt cutting it (no
pun intended).

Sure, I can find all instances of /*>/ in a multi-FASTA file and replace
the derelict > with some innocent characters (I may start making it IAN
;-)), but that seems like excess time.  So, can someone let me know a
good way to get around this?  Or, as I asked before...

Don't put random >'s in FASTA headers!!!



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	> As long as we are talking about it...
	> I cannot count how many times I have come across a FASTA
header with a
	> ">" in the middle of it.  Can we please not let this happen
	> PLEASE?!?!?

		Well, I think that this is used in e-mail adresses and
		sometimes in clone numbering, but, anyway, you just have
		to check ^> and not *>

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