Mac Screen-capture, was Re: Exporting images of Macaw

Doug Eernisse DEernisse at fullerton.edu
Mon Nov 2 03:15:32 EST 1998

> Um, I'm not a Mac newbie, having used them for about 7 years, but whereas
> I knew about pretzel-shift-3, I'd never seen Caps Lock-pretzel-shift-4,
> which lets you snap the portion of the screen you want.
> Thanks for the tip, Jerry!
> :      Until now I have used the Shareware program, FlashIt, which has
> : the advantage that only a portion of the screen need be saved.
> See above.
> So when did this come into effect?  I'm using 8.0 (UK).
> R

I think it was OS 7.6. Actually, I was having trouble with Flashit
and OS 8.1 so have started using the built-in keystroke
(ctl-shift-cmd-4) for user-defined screen captures. The Flashit
feature that allows setting the "magnification" of screen capture
is not possible, though, I don't think. 

Note that a few programs, like ClustalX, must draw to the screen differently,
so that screen capture doesn't seem work in them. Try it and see. You
will get an out of memory complaint no matter how small of a portion of
the alignment you try to capture. ClustalX does allow a color postscript
export, though. I thought there was another way to export a portion
of the alignment to clipboard but can't seem to do it presently.

Macaw shouldn't be affected by this problem.

Doug Eernisse
Department of Biological Science
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850 USA

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