REQ: ST-segment analysis software

Hans Blom j.a.blom at ele.tue.nl
Mon Nov 2 10:05:51 EST 1998

REQ: ST-segment analysis algorithm

Outdated, now that every decent monitor contains one? One of our
M.Sc. students works on a multi-signal data mining application to
reliably detect sudden heart failure in intensive care patients.
We have lots of ECG recordings, but lack the ST-segment depression/
elevation info of these data.So we need an algorithm that extracts
it. In fact, we designed such an algorithm ourselves, some 15 years
ago, but it must have gotten lost.

Who can help us out? Do you know of public domain software for
ST-segment analysis? Or do you have something floating around that
you are willing to share with us for this project? Standard non-
disclosure conditions etc. apply, of course.

Other info: most of our ECGs are sampled at 100 or at 200 Hz.
Platform: PC. We would prefer a DOS exe, or Pascal or C source

Any info is appreciated.

Hans Blom, Ph.D.
associate professor
Eindhoven University of Technology (http://www.tue.nl)
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Medical Engineering Group
j.a.blom at ele.tue.nl

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