How to be hacker ?????

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Sun Nov 1 09:38:01 EST 1998

Some advises so that some day you can write a book- "One day in the life of
a helluvah hacker..."

A search in any search engine will give you thousands of sites that keep
computer security related informations as well as several exploits that are
used in hacking computers. Most of the networked computers are Unix based so
read thoroughly about Unix operating system. You also have to have atleast a
working knowledge of C and PERL. Also wear a T-shirt (preferably fluorescent
color) written in big red "L" written on it (Learners)! Forget sleeping!!!
Don't sleep more than four hours a day and have only Pizzas and sandwiches
as dinner.

I think that will do for the time being and the time coming...

As a postscript- Whatever you do don't get caught...


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:Xavier Cousin (cousin at ensam.inra.fr) wrote:
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:: > : I am planning to study deeper about computer . I guess it would be
:: > : interesting if I start with hacking computers. so I would like to ask
:: > : some information to be a good, real good hacker.
:: > : I am waiting for somebody especially bionet.software to send some
:: > : information about hacking computers.
:: > :
:: > : thanx a lot :)
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:: > The first thing you can do is cross-post this msg to as many groups as
:: > can think of, especially alt.sysadmin.recovery.
:: Don't, except if you like being flamed. Large cross-posting often lead
:: to 'wrong'-posting...
:: You'd better find appropriate groups, read FAQs...
:Sheesh; haven't you guys seen flame-bait before?

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