Piotr Kozbial piotrk at ibb.waw.pl
Sun Nov 1 11:22:50 EST 1998

DirectCD writes ISO-9660 rev 3  CD-ROMs. This is why not all CD-ROM
drivers are able to read it. You need multisession, multiread CD-ROM
drive (other CD-ROM drives will occasionally fail reading big files from
CDs burned with DirectCD). You can make your CD-ROM ISO 9660  by copying
it (you will need multiread CD-ROM). I think that EasyCD burns ISO 9660
CD-ROMs, but you have to write the whole CD-ROM at once.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Maybe you will get better answers posting to alt.cd-rom or
You can search www.dejanews.com i.e. -

> I am using a HP cd writer plus (7200 series) and I am having a lot of
> troubles!!!!! lots of lots of troubles, I save in a cd using the cd
> writer, save lets say for example the netscape installator and some pdb
> files in a new CD, everything seems to be ok until there, I try to read
> the cd with my cd rom and then troubles start!!! does not allow me to
> copy the netscape installator in the hd form the usual cd rom device but
> if I try to do it from the cd writer it works just fine, the problem
> only presents with some files, the netscape installator for example, or
> some pdb files, not all of pdb just some of them, what can I do? please
> mail me ASAP

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