Conversion for Hitachi Fluorescence spec OS

George R. Flentke gflentke at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri May 29 18:32:40 EST 1998

In message <6kg590$72r$2 at cnn.ksu.ksu.edu> - "Jim Broughman"
<brough at ksu.edu>Tue, 26 May 1998 23:37:34 -0500 writes:
:>I an using a Hitachi Fluorescence spectrophotometer model F-4010 to collect
:>data.  Unfortunately it has some type of proprietary operating system and I
:>am unable to read the data I save to a floppy disk with either a PC or a Mac
:>(even Norton's disk editor can't read these disks).  To plot the data so
:>that I can analyze it I must enter each data point on my PC.  Does anyone
:>know of a program that can read data saved with this OS?

Ouch!  Our machine, before it died (diferent story) was hooked up through that
port to a PC.  Hitachi does not support the software to do this.  The company
that wrote it is Galactic Industries Corporation.  It is a truely hideous
program but it will convert the data into ASCII files.

Bug me if you need to know more about the company,  the machine is in another


Gflentke at facstaff.wisc.edu

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