Associate Bioinformatics Specialist Wanted

Chris Botka botka at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Thu May 28 11:52:50 EST 1998

Associate Bioinformatics Specialist:

The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Sequence
Analysis and Consulting Services (SACS) is seeking a Specialist in
Bioinformatics to join our staff and provide a key role in service to
UCSF scientists and researchers. SACS provides access to DNA and
protein sequence analysis software, databases and consulting services
for more than 100 molecular biology laboratories at UCSF. SACS is a
division of the UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory, with research
interests spanning the triad of protein sequence, structure, and

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities---

1. Share responsibility for operation of a scientific consultation  
desk to answer questions from a large and active community of  
molecular biologists seeking guidance in the use of sequence  
2. Design, implement, document, and maintain UNIX scripts and  
programs in order to make complex software more accessible to  
scientist users.
3. Design, implement, and maintain intranet web pages, including
development of Java applets, in order to provide a facile user
interface to various sequence analysis software packages and databases.
4. Conduct informal courses for students, postdoctoral fellows, and
faculty in the use of sequence analysis theory and practice.
5. Collaborate with scientists in the design and implementation of
programs for novel sequence analysis algorithms.
6. Maintain a large collection of DNA and protein sequence  
databases and the various software packages used to access these  
7. Share responsibility for administration of user services.
8. Read and abstract literature in order to keep abreast of technical
developments in the field and to report these developments to our
scientist user community.
9. Act as liaison to the UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory in order  
to further common research interests.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities---

Extensive understanding of DNA and protein sequence analysis methods
and substantial knowledge of laboratory molecular biology techniques.
Experience writing UNIX scripts and application programs in languages
such as PERL, C, C++, or JAVA. Experience using and assisting others
with molecular sequence analysis software and databases. Demonstrated
competency selecting and combining existing programs and protocols in
order to solve challenging research problems. Experience advising and
collaborating with busy demanding scientific professionals. Four or
more years experience using the UNIX operating system preferred.
Minimum of a bachelor's degree in science or engineering. Independent
thinker and willing to make innovative contributions to research
methodologies and sequence analysis techniques through computer
software. US citizenship or permanent residency required. UCSF is an
equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information---

Potential applicants for this position should submit their resume,
including at least three references, to Mr. Christopher Botka
(botka at cgl.ucsf.edu), Director, UCSF Sequence Analysis and Consulting
Service.  For more information, please see


Christopher W Botka			Phone: (415)476-5379
Sequence Analysis Consulting Service	Fax: (415)502-1755
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab		Office: Lib-111
Internet: botka at cgl.ucsf.edu		Mail Drop: Box 0446
http://www.sacs.ucsf.edu/		NeXT/MIME mail OK

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