Good programm for enzyme kinetics needed

Pedro Mendes prm at aber.ac.uk
Thu May 28 07:09:23 EST 1998

There have been many replies in this thread to the question of what program 
to use for kinetic parameter fitting. Suggestions were (a) use software from 
books, (b) KINSIM, (c) Hyper, (d) DynaFit. There are many such programs 
around (I'd include Duggleby's DNRP53 as well) but I would really only 
reccomend Petr Kuzmic's Dynafit. I'd also strongly reccomend reading his 
paper in Anal.Biochem. (v.235, p 260, 1996) as it explains quite 
convincingly the problems inherent in kinetic parameter fitting. I'd also 
reccomend the following paper: Johnson ML (1992) "Why, when, and how 
biochemists should use least squares" Anal.Biochem. 206, 215-225 

In short, go with DynaFit which is the best program around for this purpose.

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