Good programm for enzyme kinetics needed

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Wed May 27 22:02:50 EST 1998

David Green wrote:
> Georg Lipps wrote:
> > I' m looking for a software (free or shareware) to calculate enzyme
> > kinetics (Km, Ki, Hill plot, etc.). Does anybody knows a good Windows
> > based programm which performs these calculations.
>   You might want to try KINSIM available at
> http://www.biochem.wustl.edu/cflab/message.html .

Unfortunately KINSIM has serious problems which are described in detail
in ... 

@article { Kuzm9660,
author 	= "P. Kuzmic",
title 	= "Program DYNAFIT for the analysis of 
           enzyme kinetic data: Application to 
           HIV proteinase",
journal = "Anal. Biochem.",
volume 	= "235",
pages 	= "260--273",
year  	= "1996" }

That article shows that KINSIM often gives you completely wrong results
(values of rate constants "off" by many orders of magnitude).  The
program DYNAFIT was developed in order to do things on which KINSIM

The most recent publication describing the use of DYNAFIT, currently in
print in Analytical Biochemistry, is available online from


In January and February 1998, DYNAFIT was cited in the following

	1. Katz et al. (1998) Nature 391(6667), 608-19.
	2. Baugh et al. (1998) J.Biol.Chem. 273(8), 4378-86.
	3. Lugue et al. (1998) Proteins 30(1), 74-85.

DYNAFIT has been downloaded by 1,400 researchers since August 1997. 
Download it from http://www.biokin.com/.

	-- Petr
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