Conversion for Hitachi Fluorescence spec OS

Jim Broughman brough at ksu.edu
Tue May 26 23:37:34 EST 1998

I an using a Hitachi Fluorescence spectrophotometer model F-4010 to collect
data.  Unfortunately it has some type of proprietary operating system and I
am unable to read the data I save to a floppy disk with either a PC or a Mac
(even Norton's disk editor can't read these disks).  To plot the data so
that I can analyze it I must enter each data point on my PC.  Does anyone
know of a program that can read data saved with this OS?

Alternatively, there is an RS-232 serial port on the fluorimeter.  Are there
any programs designed for PCs that can accept data from this fluorimeter?

Thanks, this may save me a year as a grad student.

Jim Broughman
Kansas State University
Dept of Biochemistry
104 Willard Hall
Manhattan, KS  66506

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