TIGR Assembler under Linux

David F. Spencer dspencer at is.dal.ca
Sat May 23 14:35:04 EST 1998

Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:

> the program with Make it is failing to compile with the following error:
> ',needed by 'asmg.o'. Stop.get 'mat_decs.h.

I just d'loaded the file and it built cleanly on my system. I'm using
Redhat 4.2, kernel 2.0.30. The message you've pasted in above is pretty
cryptic and must be only part of what the compiler (or possibly the
linker) writes to the screen. I would suggest that you edit the Makefile
and add the 'CFLAG' "-v", for 'verbose', on the only one of the 4
'CFLAG' lines that is not commented out. Manually delete all the object
files (*.o) in the directory where you're working and try another build.
This will give a detailed description of what's going on and where the
problem is occurring. This app is extremely generic (you end up with 3
scripts and one binary) and the only library it needs is libc (libc.so)
so you shouldn't be having problems unless your initial installation of
Linux didn't go cleanly. Libc is so fundamental to the operation of
Linux and XFree86 that it must be installed so I don't think that can be
the problem. I notice that the owner and group assigned to the source
files when you unpack them (1007 and 80) are rather odd but if you're
running 'make' as root that can't be a problem.

David F. Spencer, PhD
Dept. of Biochemistry
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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