TIGR Assembler under Linux

Dr. Rob Miller rmiller at sanbi.ac.za
Fri May 22 08:14:20 EST 1998

Hi Duncan,

This won't be very helpful, but the version I grabbed on 18 Mar compiles 
and runs without hassles on my Debian Linux 1.3.1r6 install.

>Linux (which is working fine) on a Pentium box but on trying to compile
>the program with Make it is failing to compile with the following error:
>',needed by 'asmg.o'. Stop.get 'mat_decs.h. 

This is a pretty weird error message, but looks like some standard library 
is perhaps missing or not located for the linking step ?  

Mine sayeth:

jam:~/wrk/bt/extern/TIGRasm> make
cc -O   -c asmg.c -o asmg.o
cc -O   -c quad_store.c -o quad_store.o
cc -O   -c align.c -o align.o
cc -O   -c checksum.c -o checksum.o
cc -o asmg asmg.o quad_store.o align.o checksum.o

Maybe try 
`ldconfig' (as root) and have a glance at /etc/ld.so.conf, but I'd think \
that would all be functional after a default install.  See if you can 
compile/link/run some other C program like `hello, world':

#include <stdio.h>
main() { 
 printf("hello, world\n");

If that won't work, TIGRasm probably won't either.


Rob            rmiller@                South African National
Miller         sanbi.ac.za           Bioinformatics Institute

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