Inferring patterns of migration from gene frequencies with S-Plus

Jarle Tufto jarlet at math.ntnu.no
Sat May 16 11:02:56 EST 1998

I have just made available a preliminary collection of
S-Plus functions and some additional code in c for
estimating the pattern of migration in a subdivided
population from differences in local gene frequencies
generated by local genetic drift.  The method is applicable
to migration patterns of any form.  Submodels defining the
general form of the migration matrix can be written by the
user.  Functions are also provided for carrying out
likelihood ratio tests between alternative models such as
the island model and the stepping stone model, or between
alternative user defined submodels.  In addition, plots of
predicted and observed covariances can be made to assess the
fit of a selected model.  An example introductory session,
documentation of the individual functions, and instructions
for downloading and compiling the software is available on
the world-wide-web at


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