Mac - PC conversion?

Joseph J. Strout jstrout at ucsd.edu
Wed May 13 11:50:32 EST 1998

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>I've downloaded a "winmdi" program to analyze flow cytometry data on my
>PC.  The problem now is that all data is collected on a Macintosh
>computer, and my PC will not read any mac-formatted disks.  I can not
>connect via a network to a mac.  Does anyone know of any ways to get a
>pc to read mac disks?  

If your Mac is a reasonably beefy one, you could install a PC emulator such
as RealPC or VirtualPC on it.  Then I believe you can read Mac disks from
Windows within the emulator.

Alternatively, just throw the files onto a DOS-formatted disk on your Mac. 
Macs can read and write (and even format) MacOS, DOS, and ProDOS disks.

(Or my favorite solution, which would be to find a flow cytometry program
for the Mac -- I don't know much about flow cytometry, but doesn't NIH
Image do that sort of thing nicely?)

Good luck,
-- Joe

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