VisualBasic or JavaScript for bionet users

John S Walker jsw9c at virginia.edu
Wed May 13 15:28:04 EST 1998

JMonahan wrote:
> I am in the process of writing a software application for genomics/bionet
> users. I will be embedding a scripting interface and am trying to decide if
> I should go with a VisualBasic or JavaScript dialog.  On one hand Basic is
> well known to even Microsoft Office users as a scripting language. It is
> however crude when used with complex functions, flow control issues etc..
> On the other hand JavaScript has a cleaner type of flow control and is "easy
> to read" if that makes any sense. The problem is it is new. The application
> will not be done for about 2 years so I am trying to decide what the status
> of scripting interfaces will be at that time. Would welcome comments, if
> need be to monahan at dnai.com

I would recommend using tcl/tk as your scripting interface.  I use
tcl/tk as the scripting language for a data acquisition suite.  The
primary application is C-code on the Linux platform, but my analysis
routines are on linux and Win95. My users find that the tcl language is
much easier to learn from scratch than VisualBasic.

John Walker
University of Virginia
Dept of Physiology

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