Mac - PC conversion?

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Wed May 13 11:58:21 EST 1998

B wrote:
> I've downloaded a "winmdi" program to analyze flow cytometry data on my
> PC.  The problem now is that all data is collected on a Macintosh
> computer, and my PC will not read any mac-formatted disks.  I can not
> connect via a network to a mac.  Does anyone know of any ways to get a
> pc to read mac disks?

There might not be an easy software solution, although I may have heard
about someting like "MacInDOS", not sure...  The data better be in ASCII
format, unless the Windows program you are using can read some kind of
native format, specific for that application. 

I use two machines side by side, and shuffle data by using ZIP disks.  I
just put a DOS-formatted ZIP disk (100 MB) into the Macintosh SCSI ZIP
drive.  If I have a lot of text files to transfer (e.g., a hundred
source files for a program being developed on both platforms), I use the
Mac versions or "Tar" and "MacGZip" to archive/compress the data.  These
are freeware programs.  Then I use Winzip to unzip the compressed
archive on the PC.

Good luck...

	-- Petr
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