Help: Detection of hairpins/T7 termination signals

石黒 敬彦 isiguro at home.email.ne.jp
Fri May 8 10:31:40 EST 1998

I would suggest you to try 'mFold server' in Washington University for
predicting secondary structure of RNA and DNA, which might be available for
anyone without any limitation. You could get in it from

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"U. Gausmann" wrote in message <354DF347.C6258EA7 at mti-n.uni-jena.de>...
>does anybody know how to detect secondary structures in RNA?
>I 'd like to know if my specific sequence (mammalian) contains
>termination signals for T7 polymerase.
>I think hairpin structures result in termination of transcription
>- am I right?
>Thank you for help,
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>Institut fuer Anatomie  | Germany
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