publication-quality protein alignments

Ewan Birney birney at sanger.ac.uk
Tue May 5 05:54:50 EST 1998

Jonathan Epstein wrote:
> I am looking for some software to produce attractive proteins alignments
> suitable for publication.  It possible, this software should run on a
> Macintosh or a Web-based platform.

Hmmm. There is a non-obvious set of choices - including

	Seaview  (biom3.univ-lyon1.fr - ftp - unix)
	alscript (-C program - makes ps. barton.ebi.ac.uk) 
	genedoc (windows NT)
	belvu (I like it... ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pub/esr/ - unix)

As for pure Web based ones, I know of one java alignment viewer...
but sadly unreleased yet... ;(
> I also looking for software to produce publication-quality phylogenetic
> trees.

treetool (ftp from biom3.univ-lyon1.fr ) is the only one I know

> Thanks in advance,
> - Jonathan

Ewan Birney
<birney at sanger.ac.uk>

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