publication-quality protein alignments

Kay Hofmann khofmann at isrec.unil.ch
Tue May 5 12:17:32 EST 1998

> > I am looking for some software to produce attractive proteins alignments
> > suitable for publication.  It possible, this software should run on a
> > Macintosh or a Web-based platform.
> May I suggest MacBoxShade, which is designed to do just this. Output is
> in EPSF, PS, PICT, RTF and ASCII formats, lots of options, Mac-type user
> interface, complete control of colours used. Input is GCG/ClustalW MSF
> file format.
> I think it is pretty cool, but then I would, as I am the author ;-)
> ftp://ulrec3.unil.ch/pub/boxshade/MacBoxshade

And then, there is also a WWW server for Boxshade running under

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