VisualBasic or JavaScript for bionet users

Joseph James qtechsof at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 4 09:54:59 EST 1998

I would recommend using Visual Basic for the front-end user interface (for
rapid development) and then encapsulating your mathematical calculations and
other application-specific algorithms in DLLs or OCX controls developed with
C or C++ (or even with Visual Basic, if you are willing to sacrifice
performance and portability) which can be invoked from the Visual Basic
shell.  By encapsulating the programmatic essence of your application in
well-designed C or C++ code, you will enjoy the benefits of extreme
cross-platform portability with minimal source code adjustment, the rapid
execution speed of optimized and compiled C or C++ code, and the rendering
of your source code in an object-oriented general purpose programming
language that enjoys universal acceptance and which has become a de-facto
standard for scientific software engineering.

Joseph James

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JMonahan wrote in message <6iau6o$4le$1 at supernews.com>...
>I am in the process of writing a software application for genomics/bionet
>users. I will be embedding a scripting interface and am trying to decide if
>I should go with a VisualBasic or JavaScript dialog.  On one hand Basic is
>well known to even Microsoft Office users as a scripting language. It is
>however crude when used with complex functions, flow control issues etc..
>On the other hand JavaScript has a cleaner type of flow control and is
>to read" if that makes any sense. The problem is it is new. The application
>will not be done for about 2 years so I am trying to decide what the status
>of scripting interfaces will be at that time. Would welcome comments, if
>need be to monahan at dnai.com

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