VisualBasic or JavaScript for bionet users

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Mon May 4 10:20:42 EST 1998

Joseph James wrote:
> I would recommend using Visual Basic for the front-end user interface (for
> rapid development) and then encapsulating your mathematical calculations and
> other application-specific algorithms in DLLs or OCX controls developed with
> C or C++

Add to the list of possibilities making your DLL's (or "shared libraries" in
the Macintosh OS / Unix terminology) in FORTRAN.  See 


for a vast repository of mathematical software, created by several generations
of numerical analysts working at NASA, Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore,
and Oak Ridge national laboratories.  

Many algorithms deposited in Netlib are documented in peer-reviewed journal
articles (e.g., "Trans. Math. Software"), so you know everything is working
the way it should.  If you don't have a FORTRAN compiler, just use the
public-domain "f2c" translator to translate everythign into C.

    -- Petr
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