What happened to the EBI website?

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr
Mon May 4 09:44:38 EST 1998

In article <354dd01f.2930539 at netnews.upenn.edu>,
	alwang at doubt.com (Al Wang) writes:
> Does anyone know what's the current address for the European
> Bioinformatics Institute website? The old server appears to be gone.  
> I'm trying to get a copy of clustalw 1.7, so if anyone knows where
> else this is archived, I'd appreciate it.

	Latest versions of both ClustalW and ClustalX and documentations
are available from :

	Please let me know if it works well at your site.


P.S.: Anyway, ftp.ebi.ac.uk seems to be off...
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