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Charles Schneider #3254 schneid at chassagne.inra.frnsp
Fri May 1 10:14:42 EST 1998

In article <3545E7B1.6D553AFB at physik.uni-ulm.de>, Ralf <ralf.kemkemer at physik.uni-ulm.de> writes:
|> Hi!
|> Does anyone know image processing software (preferably freeware) which
|> supports a mutech mv-1000 frame grabber?
|> ralf.kemkemer at physik.uni-ulm.de

I just can say that I presume you can use any image processing software while you
just process images previously digitalized whith the mv-1000 frame grabber. It
would be another question if you want to control digitazation with this software,
in this case you need the right driver.
But you must precise the platform.   

Charles Schneider
Unite de Recherches en Genetique
et Amelioration des Plantes

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