Pgm for AAAI-98 Wkshp in Knowledge Sharing Across Biological and Medical Knowledge Based Systems

Gary H. Merrill ghm48805 at glaxowellcome.com
Thu Mar 26 11:33:23 EST 1998

Below is our tentative program for the AAAI-98 workshop in Knowledge
Sharing Across Biological and Medical Knowledge Based Systems.  I am
posting this program because we still have several openings for anyone
who may be interested in participating in the workshop but not in doing
one of the presentations.   One of our primary goals is to provide a
broad base for discussion and interchange of ideas, and we would like to
encourage anyone with such an interest to register for the workshop.
Since participation is by invitation only and requires pre-registration,
I need to submit the list of invitees to AAAI by April 1.  If you would
like to participate in this workshop, please send me email expressing
your interest (and perhaps a bit of background about yourself) by April
1.  The information we need for invitees includes:  email address,
surface mail address, phone number, and fax number.  Information about
the conference may be found at

Session 1:  Representation and Reasoning

          *    A) Workshop Goals and Objectives

                B) Biomedical Knowledge Based Systems
                    Development at Glaxo Wellcome

               (Dhiraj Pathak and Gary Merrill, Glaxo
                Wellcome Inc.)

         *   An Ontological Engineering Methodology for
              Part-Whole Reasoning in Medicine

              (U. Hahn, S. Schulz, and M. Romacker,
              Freiburg University)

         *  Empirical Methods of Relationship Discovery
             and Their Role in Development and Integration
             of Knowledge Organization Structures

             (Carol Bean, National Library of Medicine)

         *  Putting Flesh On the Bones: Issues That Arise In
             Creating Anatomical Knowledge Bases With Rich
             Relational Structure

             (Fritz Lehmann and Doug Foxvog,   Cycorp Inc.)

         *  Data Learning: Understanding Biological Data

             (V. Brusic, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of
             Medical Research; J. Wilkins, University of Melbourne;
             C. Stanyon, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of
             Medical Research; and J Zelezikow, La Trobe

Session 2:  Complexity and Integration

        *  Problems in Heterogeneous Knowledge Source
            Integration:  TraumaGEN and the Metathesaurus

            (Terrence Harvey, University of Delaware)

        *  KEGG and DBGET/LinkDB:  Integration of
            Biological Relationships in Divergent Molecular
            Biology Data

            (W. Fujibuchi, K. Sato, H. Ogata, S. Goto, and
            M. Kanehisa, Kyoto University)

        *  Addressing Biological Complexity to Enable
            Knowledge Sharing

            (D. Jones, P. Visser, and R. Paton, University
            of Liverpool)

       *  Self-Organizing Modelling for Transdermal Delivery
           Drug Models

           (Francisco Torrens, University of Valencia)


Gary H. Merrill / Principal Consultant, International Advanced
[Views and opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily
those of GlaxoWellcome Inc.]

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