[CORRECTION] Pyramids -- wrong www address

J.C Aude aude at cao
Fri Mar 27 03:03:59 EST 1998


I'm very sorry but all addresses in my previous mail were wrong... 
here is the annoucement with correct addresses :



Pyramids is a sequence classification software that was developped at INRIA. 
If your need complementary informations please take look at our web site :



Currently i am working on a JAVA pyramidal viewer, it's quite stable but 
before making this distribution available i need beta testers to test this 
application on different platform, and to send me back bug-reports/remarks...

For complementary informations please consult the web pages


In order to test this program you need at least :

- the pyramids software 
    (available at http://www-rocq.inria.fr/genome/Pyramids#Download)

- the java JDK 1.1.5 
    (available at http://java.sun.com/)

If you are interested please contact me at 

jean-christophe.aude at inria.fr 


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