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Athel Cornish-Bowden athel at IR2CBM.CNRS-MRS.FR
Thu Mar 26 07:30:11 EST 1998

Rafael Maldonado asked:

>I am looking for a font (W95 or Mac) which can allow me to type the Mars
>and Venus symbols, those used to name the male and female sexes. I guess
>some dingbat or weird font must be available with those symbols. Could you
>tell me where I can find it?

I have a font called Zeal on my Mac that contains these (in the positions
where the trademark (TM) and cent symbols would normally be). Unfortunately
I've no idea where I got this font from. The GetInfo box doesn't provide
any useful information apart from a creation date in 1995, so there is
nothing to indicate what piece of software it came with.

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