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Mon Mar 23 11:35:38 EST 1998

Jeremy Martinson (jmartins at helix.hgen.pitt.edu) wrote:
: In article <205969B4B7A2D11181F600805FBB80EA05164A at chkd.evms.edu>, 
: TBerke at CHKD.COM says...
: > Dear All:
: > 
: > I recently learned that PC/Gene (latest version 6.85) is no longer supported
: > by the developer.
: > I was recommended OMIGA to replace it which is a new Win95-based program for
: > sequence database and basic manipulation.
: > Still evaluating it, I am not convinced yet that OMIGA can really replace
: > PC/Gene.
: > I might need to spend more time with OMIGA, however, in the meantime, I'd
: > like to get some idea from you for a Win95 program for maintaining nt and aa
: > sequence databases and performing basic analysis on those (incl. pairwise
: > and multiple alignment, translation, database homology search).
: > Thanks for your input.
: > 
: > Tamas Berke
: > Norfolk, VA
: > 
: I have a copy of OMIGA which I got last year. To be honest, I'm not that 
: impressed. I find its organization confusing, and the way it works 
: somewhat counter-intuitive. Also, the current version doesn't do primer 
: design, and I'm still waiting for the upgraded version with that feature 
: to appear (I was assured that it would be available "real soon now" when 
: I bought OMIGA last year). I guess I really want MacVector for the PC, 
: but I don't think I'm going to get it.

If it ends up doing what they say it will do, it will be quite neat; a 
client interface to the GCG suite.

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