Automated Debt Rocovery system + Developer.

Nazar Aziz n.s.aziz at usa.net
Fri Mar 20 16:08:15 EST 1998

Hello all.

I have just completed developing DebtPRO, a mass automated debt recovery 
package written in Delphi for interfacing with Interbase and Oracle, and am 
looking for either a software publisher or a software house that is willing to 

share the copyright with me or a permanent development job. For details of 
DebtPRO, please visit my Web Page at http://www.nazar.org. For screen shots, 
check out http://www.nazar.org/debtsc.htm.

I am also hoping to use DebtPRO as a developer showcase to demonstrate my 
skills to potential employers.

I am temporarily available in England on a tourist visa (I am an Omani 
national) till the end of April and am willing to relocate to anywhere the 
States or Canada.

I have good experience with Oracle (2 years with PL/SQL and Forms3.0, 1 Year 
experience with Developer/2000), Delphi 2 (18 months experience), C and C++ 
(Watcom C++ and GNU DJGPP v1 and v2). I hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science from 
the University of Hull.

Also fluent in English, Russian and Arabic.

Please email me at n.s.aziz at usa.net if you require any further information 
regarding DebtPRO, my CV, or just want to offer advice..:)

I thank you all for your time.

Best regards,


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