Fasta31 available

William R. Pearson wrp at alpha0.bioch.virginia.edu
Thu Mar 19 20:36:12 EST 1998

	The latest version of the FASTA3 package of programs, is 
available as:


This version implements fasty3 and tfasty3, which are described in
Pearson et al (1997) Genomics 46:24-36.  fastx3 and fasty3 compare
cDNA sequences with protein databases, translating the DNA and
allowing frameshifts. fastx3 has been available for about 9 months;
fasty3 differs from fastx3 by allowing frameshifts within codons, as
well between codons.

Fasta31t and fasta30t include an html file and two cgi files that
simplify setting up a local fasta WWW server.

With version 31t, the structure of the fasta code has changed
significantly to accomodate a broader range of comparison functions.
Please inform me of bugs.

Bill Pearson 

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