Bio-Rad PhosphorImager/Apple G3

Elizabeth Rosenberg erosenbe at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thu Mar 19 17:34:21 EST 1998

Hi all,

I have been trying to get a conflict problem between the Bio-Rad
Phosphorimager system and the Apple G3 PowerMac resolved, and after much
frustration, I thought I would ask all those in "Usenet land" if they
might have a solution.

Briefly, we are currently operating the Bio-Rad GS-525 Molecular Imager
equipment through an old Apple Quadra 800 computer.  Needless to say,
this computer really lengthens scan and analysis time.  In January, we
purchased an Apple G3 desktop machine, and were planning to replace the
Quadra 800, as well as networking this computer to enable us to use it as
a workstation for sequence analysis and internet searching (Genbank,
BLAST, etc.)  I set up the G3 by itself, and it works great.  I attached
the printer, and an external MO drive, and they run fine.  I loaded the
Imager software from Bio-Rad, and it operates just fine.  However, when I
tried to attach the Imager itself, the G3 refused to see it.  Using
SCSIprobe (*great* freeware, BTW), I discovered an address conflict, but
resolved that by readdressing the "other" device (not the Imager).
Disconnected all but the Imager, and the G3 still refused to see the

So that's the problem.  Apple suggested I probably needed updated drivers
from Bio-Rad.  Bio-Rad seemed to imply that this SCSI device was
exceedingly difficult to update.  They suggested that probably a SCSI
adapter card would do the trick, but haven't determined which one would
work.  In fact, through extensive conversation with them, they have said
that if an independent solution to the problem exists, they would love to
hear about it.

Also, I thought I would just swap computers around the place, and I was
considering either a 6500 or a 7200, but I was informed by Bio-Rad that
the 6500 has had "problems" with the Imager as well.

Is anyone aware of a Bio-Rad imager running on a G3?  How about a 6500 or
a 7200?  Did you have to install any adapter cards?  Recently, Apple has
suggested that the G3 SCSI has "been shown to be temperamental with third
party peripherals" and specifically recommends the JackHammer SCSI
accelerators.  Does anyone know anything about these?  Since the G3 has
been sitting in a box for a couple of months now, and feedback at all
would be very appreciated.


Beth Rosenberg                    erosenbe at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Cross Cancer Institute            
University of Alberta		 "Chance favors the prepared mind."
                                 	-Louis Pasteur

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