HELP WANTED! Where can I find source codes?

Haipeng Li ypzhang at MS.KMB.AC.CN
Mon Mar 16 20:36:03 EST 1998

Dear Colleague,

I'm studying the dynamics of DNA evolution, and testing 
the molecular clock, this work need a lot of programs, 
which analysis millions of sequence data automatically.

If you know where I can get the source codes of C/C++ 
(not *.exe files), would you like to let me know? They 
are those of alignment, calculating distance from DNA 
sequence, exact and heuristic methods to search for 
optimal trees, bootstrap analysis and so on.

If you are working the same or similar fields and 
interesting my work, would you like to exchange ideas 
and/or programs each other in the future? Please send 
an e-mail to ypzhang at ms.kmb.ac.cn

Thanks in advance!

Haipeng Li

Key Lab of Cellular and Molecular Evolution
Kunming Institute of Zoology
Kunming, 650223
P. R. China

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