The internet as a biotechnology resource

Alf Eaton mnby5ade at stud.man.ac.uk
Fri Mar 13 07:37:52 EST 1998

If you have any interest in biotechnology, please read this:

Below are four short questions which I would be very, very grateful if
you could answer.  I am producing a web site as part of a project for
the University of Manchester, containing links and resources for
researchers, students and the public, and would like to find out what
people need from this kind of project. The easiest way to reply is to
keep this text in the message, and just fill in the blanks. Thanks for
your help :-)

1) What is your profession? eg researcher, student.

2) For what purposes (related to biotechnology) do you use the
Internet? eg analysis, journals, news, jobs.

3) Which are the sites which you use most often?

4) Is there anything which you would like to see included/ problems
which need to be resolved in this new web site?

Thank you very much for your time, I will let you know when the site
is complete.

Alf Eaton, 3rd year undergraduate, University of Manchester, England.

The web site is currently under construction at

Please make sure you  reply to my address (mnby5ade at stud.man.ac.uk), not
the newsgroup.

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