Protein Domain Workshop

Ewan Birney birney at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Mar 12 09:10:27 EST 1998

Protein Domain Workshop.

Announcing a Workshop on protein domain analysis at the Sanger Centre,
May 18th-20th inclusive.

	There is a web site at


with an on-line registration form and more information.

The workshop is a 3-day course of both theoretical and practical
work. The aim is to train motivated molecular biologists and
computer scientists in the latest domain finding techniques,

	o Finding and defining a protein domain

	o Producing accurate multiple alignments

	o Using profile-HMMs and other techniques to extend the 
	  domain family.

	o Using multiple alignments for secondary structure
	  prediction and phylogenetic analysis.

Please, visit the web site above for more information or send an email
to Ewan Birney (birney at sanger.ac.uk) or Alex Bateman
(agb at sanger.ac.uk).

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