Network entrez Boolean "NOT"

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Tue Mar 10 20:56:42 EST 1998

> From: ajg at hep.phys.soton.ac.uk
> Subject: Network entrez Boolean "NOT"

> Can someone confirm whether, in network entrez (Not the WWW version),
> under advanced search, that "-" is the correct term for Boolean NOT ?

yes, this is correct ... 

and "AND" is &
and "OR" is "|"

This is for the "advanced" query style.  If you use the latest Network
Entrez, you can click on the "operator" in the 'query refinement' window
(it togles between "&" and "-") and to "OR" something you drag one over the
other so the square brakets "holds" them together.

> Since "NOT" and "BUTNOT" don't do anything, but "-" does, I assume this
> is what to use - but I would like to be sure :) It would have been sensible
> for NCBI to use the same syntax on Network and WWW entrez, especially
> since the documentation for the former leaves a lot to be desired (I know,
> I know, it's free software).

It's not an excuse ... We owe it to our users to write better
documentation .. It's just that we are also dealling with other
emergencies, and wrting the fine manual always gets put to the end ...

Please feel free to ask our service desk (info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) ...
They will be happy to help with any Entrez or NCBI questions.



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