! Analyse-It for Microsoft Excel now available !

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Tue Mar 10 15:08:55 EST 1998

Just a short post to announce the availability of Analyse-It for Microsoft
Excel.  Analyse-It is a powerful yet easy-to-use statistics package that
works within Microsoft Excel.  To summarise quickly, Analyse-It has two

  General statistics
   - descriptives with box-whisker plots
   - correlation & regression
   - parametric
       + z-test, t-tests, F-test,
       + 1-way ANOVA with contrasts, 2-way ANOVA

   - many non-parametric tests
       + Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman
       + Fisher, McNemar, Cochran Q, Chi-square + more

   - confidence intervals for almost all statistics
   - exact P values for many non-parametric tests

  Clinical Laboratory statistics
   -  Method comparison/agreement studies, including
       + Deming regression & method-comparison,
       + Passing & Bablok regression & method-comparison,
       + Altman-Bland & NCCLS EP9-A bias-plots,
       + Cohen's Kappa, Weighted Kappa.

   -  Diagnostic test performance evaluation, including
       + IFCC reference ranges,
       + ROC curve plotting & comparison,
       + Diagnostic Screening to evaluate predictive values and
         sensitivity/specificity and examine decision thresholds.

   -  Precision evaluation, including
       + NCCLS EP5-T2 procedure to identify within-run, between-run,
         between-day and long-term clinical precision
       + Precision profiles to examine precision over the
         reportable-range of analyte concentrations.

For more information, and to to download the free 7-day trial, please
visit http://www.analyse-it.com

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