explorer 3.02

Arnoud van Vliet arnoud at vanvliet.u-net.com
Sun Mar 8 19:24:09 EST 1998

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998 21:28:32 +0100, "Danny Stollé" <d.stolle at wxs.nl>

Dear Danny,

isn't Explorer 3.02 the Windows 95 version, whereas version 3.01 is
the Windows 3.11 version? That would explain the crashes. Do you have
Win32 loaded?

Best thing you can do is go to the Microsoft website
(www.microsoft.com), and download Explorer, Mail and News from there.
Then you can be reasonably sure that it's allright, that is if you can
be with Microsoft software :-)   

good luck

>I have a big problem!!!!
>I am working under Windows 3.11 and I have installed the Microsoft Internet
>When I click on the icon ‘Sent’ in the email program, I get an error which
>indicates that there has been a System-Error-Fault on module 0003:8EB2 due
>to the file Mail.exe.
>When I click on “close” the program quites!!!! Sometimes my computer crashes
>and I
>can’t do nothing.
>Now is it that I have removed the program Internet Explorer and put it back
>again, but
>still when I click on the Sent-icon, the same system error pops up!!!!!
>What is wrong on my system. Is it because I have used memmaker to increase
>my conventional
>Memory, but I dont believe that it would be that, or is it the internet
>explorer which is wrong!
>How can I repair this, so I can properly work without getting the same
>I dont want to format my Harddisk, I did it a week ago.
>Danny “ where the hell will I be tomorrow” Stolle

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