explorer 3.02

Danny Stollé d.stolle at wxs.nl
Sun Mar 8 15:28:32 EST 1998

I have a big problem!!!!

I am working under Windows 3.11 and I have installed the Microsoft Internet
When I click on the icon ‘Sent’ in the email program, I get an error which
indicates that there has been a System-Error-Fault on module 0003:8EB2 due
to the file Mail.exe.
When I click on “close” the program quites!!!! Sometimes my computer crashes
and I
can’t do nothing.

Now is it that I have removed the program Internet Explorer and put it back
again, but
still when I click on the Sent-icon, the same system error pops up!!!!!
What is wrong on my system. Is it because I have used memmaker to increase
my conventional
Memory, but I dont believe that it would be that, or is it the internet
explorer which is wrong!
How can I repair this, so I can properly work without getting the same
I dont want to format my Harddisk, I did it a week ago.

Danny “ where the hell will I be tomorrow” Stolle

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