GeneDoc release 2.3: Alignment Editor for Windows: Freeware

Ketchup Ketchup**NOSPAM** at cris.com
Thu Mar 5 02:13:10 EST 1998

Greetings All, 

Please be informed that GeneDoc version 2.3 has been released to the
GeneDoc web site:


This version has plenty of bug fixes and plenty of new features.
Highlights center around DNA support, with Enzyme Fragment reports for
the whole alignment and includes usage of GeneDoc superfamily group
features. Also added is support for ambiguous DNA codes and a very
nifty DNA Set Analysis display. Other features include an Identity
Display, Start Sequence Numbering option, some RasMol script
generation options and in general lots of cleanup.

Thanks again for your continued support, feedback and kind words about
GeneDoc. Eventually we'll get all your requests in there!

Karl Nicholas.

* Fixed Configuration Variables not being initialized properly.
* Added DNA Ambiguity code.
* Fixed input sequences detecting gap chars.
* Possible fix of input sequences duplicating data.
* Added DNA group set analysis display.
* Fixed Contrast mode to not include zero level scores.
* Fixed GeneDoc .msf header reader to be forward compatible.
* Fixed rebase file read for larger patterns.
* Added Rebase Search Filters.
* Added user configurable rebase shading overlap color.
* Added export of search list to rebase readable file.
* Added reporting of duplicate sequence names.
* Added Display/No Display of individual Physiochemical properties.
* Fixed bug ReBase patterns found twice if following a gap char.
* Added Rebase cut sites/fragment length/unique fragment/unique frags
per group report.
* Added Plot of unique fragment lengths.
* Added Display of reports that can handle any size files.
* Added print function to reports.
* Added ability to print shading only.
* Added Identity Display Mode.
* Fixed Changing project type setting properties and score tables.
* Fixed change gap char for alignment code.
* Fixed RasMol script to not blank display when no sidechains
* Added Shade backbone only and sidechain only to rasmol script.
* Added Sequence Start Position attribute.
* Added Ident All or Ident conserved styles to Ident Display Mode.
* Fixed Structure Shading changing when have both Non-Group and Groups
structure info loaded.
* Added PDB Read routines for structure shading.

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