DNA,RNA, protein sequence LINUX 5.0 software

sprinkle at np2.mcg.edu sprinkle at np2.mcg.edu
Thu Mar 5 10:53:06 EST 1998

I am trying to locate freeware, shareware and commercial software for
molecular biology that runs under LINUX 5.0.  I am particularly interested in
software that does local, multiple Clustal W alignments, DNA/RNA/protein
editing, database format conversions, searches, graphical presentation of
nucleic acids and small proteins for teaching and publication, local motif
analysis and ability to add new motifs, sequence retrieval software and
general utilities that might be useful in this area.  I do have access to GCG
programs, but the link to the main university computers is some 90 miles
distant and not always reliable.  I do have the OMIGA program, PC Gene and
some other programs, but many of these must have been taken to LINUX.  I would
appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction to locate these type
programs.  Thank you for your help and suggestions.

sprinkle at np2.mcg.edu

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