Codon Usage Tables

Martin Hilbers mph at dl.ac.uk
Wed Mar 4 11:14:08 EST 1998

Mike Mitchell wrote:
> I am looking for upto date codon usage tables for use with various GCG progs,
> however I have only been able to find either old tables in GCG format or new
> tables not in GCG format.
> Does anybody know of a source of "fresh" tables, or a reformatting tool that
> can convert the CUTG (http://www.dna.affrc.go.jp/~nakamura/CUTG.html) format
> into GCG?

cutg transformed into gcg format is available via the SEQNET
srs server (http://www.seqnet.dl.ac.uk/srs5).
A (clumsy - but it works) perl script for the transformation can be 
picked from http://www.seqnet.dl.ac.uk/srsdoc/getcutg
note that this script will put all tables into one file, 
for indexing/retrieving via srs.


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