Molscript and Windows 95

Greg jquinn at shell7.ba.best.com
Sun Mar 1 23:05:24 EST 1998

Hector M. Rodriguez <hroddy at chemistry.ucsc.edu> wrote:
> Has an one compiled Molscript under windows 95?  I think it might be possible 
> with the new version since it is all written in C and Windows 95 implements 
> openGL.  If anyone has please drop me a note on how you did it.

Hector, it should be fairly easy to do with most any of the major
compilers; I compiled the old version of Molscript (1.4 was it?) for
windows by using f2c and believe it or not that worked fine. It would be
particularly interesting to get the GL and JPEG going on it; I currently
don't even have the time to think about doing it, so if you make a binary
could you post a notice here saying that you've done so.

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