Molscript and Windows 95

Marc Saric saric at bph.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Mar 2 07:56:01 EST 1998

Hector M. Rodriguez wrote:
> Has an one compiled Molscript under windows 95?  I think it might be 
> possible with the new version since it is all written in C and Windows 
> 95 implements openGL.  If anyone has please drop me a note on how you 
> did it.
I have compiled Molscript 2 under Win95 with Cygwin (32bit gcc-port for

I have only tried the basic version (no OpenGL or other extensions), and
have run into some problems concerning a statement in some source-files.
After fiddling around with the source, it was possible to compile the
basic version, but it seems that it is unstable with some input (the
examples render perfectly well though) which could be run under SGI

I asked Per Kraulis for assistance, but he told me, that his source
should be ok, and the error should be due to an error in the
cygwin-package or an error caused by the changes.

I can send you the precompiled executable (together with cygwin.dll) in
case that you want to have it (you can also have the changes sources in
case that you are interested in that -I might also be able to send you a
diff-file or a simple description of the changes).

Just tell me.

If I have the time, I might try to compile molscript with djgpp (also
basic command-line-version only).

I have also tried it on a MS C++ 5.0 environment, but failed -most
likely due to my VERY limited experience with C and the MS C++

BTW. You can always replace the functionality of the OpenGL-output with
Rasmol -it is able to write basic Molscript output
(helix/beta-sheet/turn), which can be edited afterwards.


Marc Saric

Lehrstuhl fuer Biophysik
Projektgruppe Theoretische Biophysik

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum

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