Course in informatics at the Pasteur Institute

Laurent Bloch bloch at pasteur.fr
Mon Jun 29 07:41:18 EST 1998

Course in informatics offered at the Pasteur Institute.

In the series of courses offered at the Pasteur Institute, a course
will be offered in informatics in biology. The next session will take
place from the 4th of January to the 9th of April 1999. The course 
description is attached. 

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   |	          The courses at Pasteur Institute are                  |
   |	organized with the collaboration of the two largest Parisian    |
   |	scientific universities, Paris VI "Pierre et Marie Curie" and   |
   |	Paris VII "Denis Diderot". The diplomas delivered to students   |
   |	of these courses are considered as university degrees.          |
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Registration is mandatory via the committee of courses. Call the 
secretary of Information and Education of the Pasteur Institute at
+33 1 45 68 81 40 or via E-mail at algo at pasteur.fr for further
information. See also:


The working language of the course is French. Tuition costs: a
nominal fee, approximately 3 000 French Francs (500 US Dollars).

Course Description

Informatics in biology

The objective of this course is to give to the researchers and future
researchers in biology, an initial exposure to informatics. Entry in
the course is reserved to those with a degree in biology or a related

With more and more tools available to the biologist, it has become important 
that the biologist acquire the ability to judge for themselves the 
usefulness of a new software by the algorithms it employs.

The accent is put on the fundamental aspect of this discipline. Two
applications in biology will be studied, the analysis of sequences 
and molecular modeling.

The theoretic aspects of informatics will be introduced: programming 
languages, programing, logic, and also in the technical domain of 
the system, the network, and computer architecture. Programming is taught
according to the functional paradigm (Lisp), but other styles 
of programming, such as algorithmic and object oriented, will be introduced.

The goal of an excellent level of theory will not hurt the acquisition of
practical knowledge which will be directly usable in the labratory.

The course will consist of lectures and practical sessions.

   Algorithms, programming practice and theory	(course)	60h
   Algorithms and programming		practical (with Scheme)	42h
   Programming with Java			 		18h
   Programming with Java		practical		21h
   Computing systems: evolution and realizations		12h
   Introduction to Unix and X			practical	17h
   Perspectives of informatics			lecture		10h
   Algorithms for Biology
	Algorithms						36h
	Examples (Sequence analysis)		practical	36h
   Molecular modelling						15h
   Software installation (blast)				10h
   Data Bases                                                   12h
   Machine architecture and System planning			15h
   Logic							10h
   Networks							12h
Total							       326h

Course Instructors

	Laurent Bloch
	William Saurin
	Manuel Serrano
	Frederique Galisson
	Christian Queinnec
	Daniel Azuelos
	Eric Gressier
	Thierry Rose
        Louis Jones
	Bernard Caudron
	Francoise Balmas
	Christophe Wolfhugel
	Stephane Bortzmeyer

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