GeneDoc version 2.4 (freeware for windows)

Ketchup ketchup*NOSPAM* at cris.com
Sun Jun 28 22:34:52 EST 1998


GeneDoc version 2.4 has been released to our website:


This version has a Summary View mode complete with shading thats sure
to prove popular. We added support for LogOdds matrix shading, using
Meme files for easy import and export. Import and export of all
supported files types to and from the clipboard has been added. Export
shaded alignment blocks to RTF files is added and copy as bitmap has
been fixed.

Thanks again for your continued support, kind words, and advice.

Karl Nicholas
ketchup at cris.com

* Fixed Group Properties function of Identity Tab.
* Fixed Error in Copy to New Project function.
* Added Summary View mode.
* Added copy as .RTF support.
* Fixed Bitmap copy function.
* Added Pict File support to summary view, fixed summary view bug.
* Changed fasta file max sequence name length from 20 to 50.
* Improved Import/Export routines to handle the clipboard and text
* Fixed scoring routines to handle lower case chars properly.
* Added LogOdds Display Mode: Reads and Display MEME files.
* Added LogOdds Calc and Write routine.
* Added LogOdds Report routine.
* Fixed possible bug in Search Display: Patterns at end of sequences.
* Removed built in PSDB support from 16-bit version to make space.
* Fixed a big causing crashes in Grab and Drag mode.
* Added Grab and Slide arrangement mode.
* Changed RTF Files to work better for background shading.
* Fixed DStat Plot save plot data for Percent Identity Plots.
* Fixed scorefile and scoring routines when encounter unusual
* Fixed display bug when names shorter than sequence indicators.
* Added optional Carbonyl Oxygen display on backbone in rasmol script.

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