EXCEL 7.0 Chart functions

John Rivera paga_nini at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 21 17:34:17 EST 1998

On 19 Jun 1998 17:02:28 GMT, jmihic at wfubcm.edu (John Mihic) wrote:

>(1) Start Excel 97 (on a PC) and open a new blank work sheet.
>(2) Press F5 and type X97:L97 in the "Reference" box, then click "OK".
>(3) Now hit the tab key once (you should end up in cell M97).
>(4) hold down "Ctrl" and "Shift" while clicking once on the "Chart Wizard"
>icon (the one at the top with the blue-yellow-red bar chart).
>Move your mouse and press the two mouse buttons. You can exit back to the 
>program by pressing "Esc".

In there is a ramp with a list of all the developers who contributed
to the program.  Kind of like the end of a movie.

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