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EMM 1.35;  Easy Modify Machine,
Modifying/Patching TOOLS.

What is EMM?

   EMM = You can type, you can modify!

   Now, you no need to know how to use a program to modify/patch a 
   utility/program/game (function like: HexEdit, PCTOOL) but you can
   do it by this very-friendly modifying/patching tools.
   Support script file *.EMM
           chi/eng envirnoment
           also unpack function!

For Example, You can do the following very simple (with this tools)

Find        26 8E 01 17 75 03
Modify to   -- -- -- -- 90 90


Modify Sector 00 Disp 08 to  FF FF 0F

Even do this automatic!

Where to Download?


mailto:soft at kagi.com
mailto:chenbros at bigfoot.com

by Chenbros Soft.

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